DWI Officers on ‘Brady-Giglio’ Amid Federal Investigation

In the past two weeks, KOB 4 has been revealing details of a federal probe into several officers from the Albuquerque Police Department’s Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) unit. Four of these officers and a prior supervisor are on leave due to the investigation’s implications. The officers involved have been identified as Honorio Alba Jr., Harvey Johnson Jr., Joshua Montano, and Nelson Ortiz. All of them have been placed on the Brady-Giglio list, a list that identifies untrustworthy law enforcement officers. Thomas Clear III, a local lawyer, is also being investigated.

Defense lawyer Ahmad Assed conveys that this incident critically impacts the officers involved and the legal proceedings they will be part of in the future. Assed stated that the jury considers the credibility of an officer on the list and defense attorneys can use it to their advantage.

Nearly 160 active DWI cases were dismissed due to these revelations, including approximately 53 misdemeanor DWIs and 75 aggravated charges.

Allegedly, the officers were involved in a scheme with Thomas Clear III, leading them to not attend court, leading to missed trials and the discontinuation of DWI cases. Charges have not yet been brought against these officers and their identities have not been officially disclosed by the Albuquerque Police Department (APD).

The Brady-Giglio list is regularly updated and published online by the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office.

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