DWI driver hits parked Creve Coeur cruiser at previous DWI crash site

The Creve Coeur Police in Missouri have issued a plea to the public not to drive when under the influence. The call comes following two incidents involving suspected drunk drivers on Interstate 270 early on Saturday. One of these drivers reportedly drove into an empty patrol car parked on the highway as officers were looking into a separate crash, also suspected to have been caused by a drunk driver.

The initial accident involved a single vehicle, which had obstructed southbound traffic on I-270 close to Lade Road. While police were evaluating this accident, a second vehicle crashed into another police car that was empty but visibly marked and lit.

Both drivers involved in the two incidents were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. None of them suffered severe injuries, but the driver who hit the police car received on-site treatment from paramedics.

In the wake of these accidents, the Creve Coeur Police urge drivers to find alternative transportation if they have been drinking. Lt. Jonathan McIntosh noted that in Missouri, drunk driving contributes to 21% of road deaths and warned that the recent accidents could have had fatal outcomes. He asked people to use designated drivers, taxis, or ride-sharing services instead of driving under the influence.

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