DWI Checkpoint Speeding Incident in Hobbs

In Hobbs, New Mexico, a man with a criminal history, including drug and driving offenses dating back to 2003, was apprehended after bypassing a DWI checkpoint in December. The individual, later identified as Michael Pineda, did not stop when state police were operating the checkpoint outside Hobbs. NMSP Officer Albert Tarango-Juarez then pursued Pineda, who was clocked speeding at 112 miles per hour.

Despite other officers placing spike strips on the road, Pineda continued to flee. Officer Tarango-Juarez had to use a PIT maneuver to halt the fleeing truck, but the chase didn’t end there. With apprehension in progress, Pineda once again took off, this time on foot, and was subsequently arrested.

When questioned, Pineda alleged he was unaware he was being stopped and admitted he did not have a license. He also confessed to having smoked marijuana recently. A search of the truck yielded open alcohol containers, which Pineda denied owning and refused to undergo a field sobriety test. Despite obvious signs of a checkpoint, Pineda claimed not to have seen them.

Pineda is facing numerous charges, which include battery on a peace officer, aggravated DWI, and resisting arrest. He’s now out pending the conditions of his release and his trial is set for September.

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