DWI Arrests on WTAW 1620AM & 94.5FM

From left to right in the photos: Frederick Boulden, Arienne Moore, and Phoenix Barrera.

Frederick Boulden, a 36-year-old man from College Station, has been jailed for the 19th time in as many years. His recent arrest happened on Sunday morning prior to the time change, for a number of charges. Boulden was pulled over due to driving considerably below the speed limit and having a faulty brake light. After failing a field sobriety test, he was taken into custody on a DWI charge. His vehicle was searched, leading to the discovery of a loaded firearm in the console and a small plastic bottle with liquid PCP. According to online jail documents, Boulden has since been released after posting bail, which amounted to $26,000.

A woman from College Station, Arienne Moore, aged 32, was arrested for the second time on a charge related to alcohol after she collided with two parked cars on E. Martin Luther King St. late Sunday night. Officers responding to the accident discovered Moore in a black sedan with deployed airbags. Moore admitted to having consumed alcohol earlier in the night, failed the sobriety test, and was subsequently arrested for DWI. She is still in custody on $2,000 bail.

A man in College Station, Phoenix Barrera, aged 24, was arrested just after midnight on Monday for his second offense relating to alcohol. An officer pulled him over on Wellborn Road for speeding and having an expired registration. The man, who had bar stamps from Northgate on his hand, was unable to specify the quantity of alcohol he had consumed the same night. After he failed the sobriety test, Barrera was taken into custody on a DWI charge. He has since been released after paying a $2,000 bail.

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