DWI Arrest: Jamestown Woman Hits Parked Car

A female was apprehended in Jamestown after narrowly missing a police officer and hitting a stationary vehicle prior to fleeing the scene. This occurred on Friday, when Jamestown’s police officers were involved in concentrated patrols in the area surrounding Falconer St and Sturges St, around 9:54 pm. The officer who was almost struck by the vehicle then witnessed it collide with a parked vehicle before fleeing. Subsequently, police managed to locate the vehicle around Buffalo St and Blackstone Ave, and identified the driver as 64-year-old Marcia Howie. After an investigation, it was determined that Howie had been drinking and driving. Howie was arrested and taken to the Jamestown City Jail. She was charged with fleeing the scene, driving under the influence, and per se impaired driving. Howie was later booked, released, and will be formally charged in Jamestown City Court at a future date.

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