DWI Arrest Following Rollover Crash in Houston Harte

A female driver of an old maroon Chevrolet Tahoe was apprehended for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) following a rollover accident near Houston Harte Expressway on Tuesday evening.

Witnesses say they saw the Tahoe moving at high speed in a westerly direction on Dallas St., before it hit a guardrail on the south part of the road. The SUV then slid along the guardrail and rolled over, barely missing the descent down the hill onto the freeway.

The collision caused the passenger-side front wheel of the Tahoe to be torn off. Fortunately, the car managed to stop before it reached the steep slope.

Eyewitnesses noticed the driver exiting the SUV through the passenger side window, with a few drivers stopping to lend a hand.

Upon reaching the scene, police had reason to believe the driver was under the influence and proceeded with a field sobriety test. In spite of her efforts to persuade them otherwise, she was eventually apprehended for DWI and taken to the county jail in a Ford Interceptor.

Home Motors was contacted to recover the Tahoe from the scene and transport it over the guardrail to the scrap yard.

While the noise of the accident was likened to a cannon firing as reported by witnesses, there were no significant injuries reported. The conditions on the road were dry, the skies were clear, and the accident happened around 7:30 pm with the driver being the only person in the vehicle.

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