DUI suspect crashes into Lakewood record store

In Lakewood, Colorado, a man was arrested for suspected drunk driving after his car collided with a record store early on Saturday morning, according to reports from the Lakewood Police Department. The police were called to the accident at the crossroads of West 20th Avenue and Estes Street at 1:22 a.m., finding the accused inside the crashed vehicle. Officers tracked tire marks in the snow to Chain Reaction Records located less than a mile away on the 8500 block of West Colfax Avenue, where they found significant damage to the shop-front due to the collision. The man now faces potential charges including driving under the influence, careless driving causing personal harm or death, failure to present insurance, hit-and-run with injury, and failure to stay on the scene and inform the police after an accident. The suspect is currently detained in the Jefferson County jail, awaiting the district attorney’s decision about possible charges.

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