DUI Suspect Crashes into Downey School Playground – Video

Footage shows the horrifying scene when an alleged drunk driver crashed into a vehicle and then into a school playground in Downey, narrowly avoiding bystanders. This incident took place on January 25 around 5 p.m. at Gallatin Elementary School, near the crossroads of Manzanar Avenue and Gallatin Road.

The surveillance video, taken from a neighbor’s home opposite the school, showed a large white SUV speeding down the street before abruptly swerving onto the sidewalk and hitting a parked sedan, barely missing two pedestrians nearby. The impact of the collision sent the sedan through the school’s surrounding fence into the playground.

Gaby Enciso, a witness residing across from the school, watched the chaotic scene unfold from her front door. Enciso’s home security camera happened to capture the extreme crash, with the noisy grinding of metal and screeching of tires being prominent in the footage.

Enciso recalls feeling very shaken and shocked by the occurrence. She also mentioned how alarming it was to realize how close the pedestrians had come to being hit. Enciso crossed the street to aid the pedestrians, noting the injuries of the lady who had a close call with the vehicle.

Following the event, Enciso contacted the authorities, providing them with the security footage. The driver suspected of the crash was subsequently arrested for allegedly driving under influence, but their identification was not disclosed.

Fortunately, no children or school employees were harmed in the incident. However, several local residents expressed concern over regular speeding occurring in the area. The event highlighted the need for improved safety measures at the school, particularly where younger students play and is closer to the main road.

In the wake of the accident, the school installed a temporary barrier while repairing the destroyed fence and playground. The Downey Unified School District stated it’s working closely with the police department through investigations and installing a more secure fence to ensure the safety of campus students. A video of the crash can be viewed in the video player above.

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