DUI Program Offers Jail Alternative for New Drivers

Over the past three years, Ohio has faced a high rate of over 60,000 alcohol-related vehicular incidents, and almost 90,000 drug and alcohol impairment arrests. Sobershift, a Driver Intervention Program, is set on reducing these numbers by offering a 72-hour alternative to jail time, aimed at changing the lives of those caught operating a vehicle under the influence.

Three educators from Ohio have utilized their classroom know-how and experience with drivers’ intervention programs to offer support to those detained for DUI. Bruce Harris and Grant Williams, founders of Sobershift, believe that this program provides an opportunity for individuals to learn from their mistakes without incarceration.

The process starts by shedding light on the intricacies of a DUI, including the calculation of blood alcohol content and the surprising cost per alcoholic drink. Subsequently, it focuses on the fundamental reasons that lead to DUI incidents and provides tools like positive affirmation and others to foster better decision-making.

Sobershift is beginning classes in St. Clairsville, Ohio, and has another six locations across the state, with potential plans of expansion to the Northern Panhandle in West Virginia. Further details can be found at sobershift.org.

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