DUI Incidents Show Road Dangers

The vehicle’s interior courtesy of WPD: “Driving under the influence endangers both the driver and others on the road. This point has been reiterated numerous times. As recent as last night, a 23-year-old named Rigoberto Santiago was arrested following a car collision. After hitting another vehicle, Santiago tried to leave the scene but ended up losing control of his car and careening into a ditch near S. Green Valley Road and Main Street. He was later charged with a DUI, a hit-and-run, and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant at Santa Cruz County Jail.

A few days prior, officers responded to an incident where a man drove under influence to a gas station on Green Valley Road. Upon inspection, legal authorities discovered an open alcohol container along with a firearm in the vehicle. Consequently, the 21-year-old Watsonville resident, Eduardo Castillo, was arrested for DUI and possession of a concealed weapon in the vehicle.

The recent uptick in DUI cases is concerning, with a total of 13 drunk driving arrests made this month. It’s crucial to think twice before deciding to drive under the influence.” This article was originally published by the Watsonville Police Department.

Titled “Recent DUI Incidents Highlight Dangers on the Road”, the article was last edited on February 23rd, 2024.

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