DUI Driver Seriously Hurts Scooter Rider in Hit and Run

In a hit and run incident involving a driver under the influence of drugs, a scooter rider was severely injured. The incident, covered by Alton Worley II from KOMO News Staff, took place on Jan 21st, 2024. An image from the scene of the crime released by the Seattle Police Department shows the authorities responding to the crash.

It is reported that the victim, a male scooter rider, is currently recuperating from significant injuries caused by being hit by a vehicle early Sunday morning. The crash was reported around 2 a.m., with firefighters rushing to the scene at Mercer Street and Queen Anne Avenue North. The 22-year-old victim received immediate aid resulting in stabilizing his leg injuries before being transported to Harborview Medical Center in a serious condition.

The perpetrator, a 26-year-old male, was found heading eastbound on Mercer Street after changing lanes and hitting the scooter rider. However, he did not stop after the accident and was later intercepted by the police at 3rd Avenue North and Mercer Street.

An assessment by the Seattle Police Department’s Drug Recognition Expert concluded that the driver was under the influence of substances. Consequently, he was arrested for hit and run, vehicular assault, and detained in King County Jail.

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