DUI Crash: Driver Hits Utility Pole in Naugatuck, Says Police

Authorities in Naugatuck, CT have pressed numerous charges against motorist Mauricio Alziphat after hitting a utility pole and a parked car while driving. Alziphat, a 20-year-old resident of Naugatuck, faces charges such as driving under influence, failure to take responsibility, traveling too fast and not staying in his lane. The event transpired early on a Sunday morning at the junction of Buckingham, North Church, and Bradbury streets. Here, Alziphat’s 2007 Mercury hit a pole hard enough to split it in half. The vehicle then crossed a driveway, crashed into a car parked on a home’s lawn and finally stopped in a wooded area. Alziphat attempted to escape by foot but was apprehended on Hillside Avenue. Authorities, while arresting him, noted that he appeared inebriated and declined medical aid. As a result of the incident, road closures are expected to conduct repairs.

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