DUI Charge Risks Ex-Gator Trevor Etienne’s Starting Job in Georgia

Trevor Etienne’s future role as starting running back for Georgia could be threatened by a recent arrest on charges of drunk driving and other related offences, particularly in light of his recent transfer from Florida. If Etienne is convicted for DUI, he may face a one-game suspension at the very least.

Etienne was apprehended by Athens-Clarke County police early Sunday morning on allegations of drunk driving, improper driving, and attaching materials that interfere with visibility through car windows, as per the details revealed by jail records.

As per a police report from Athens-Clarke County, brought to attention on Monday, Etienne was caught driving hazardously, near the University of Georgia, at around 1:50 a.m. Etienne, 19, was driving a grey sedan which was subsequently pulled over.

Following his arrest, Etienne was transferred to Athens-Clarke County Jail at approximately 4:35 a.m., with bail being posted less than an hour later, amounting to around $1,800. It remains unclear whether Etienne has legal representation.

Under Georgia’s team policies, sportspeople who are convicted for DUI must face a one-game suspension at the very least. Georgia is set to play against Clemson for the season-opener, scheduled for August 31.

Steven Drummond, the executive associate athletic director for strategic communication at Georgia, acknowledged the incident and said that further information was being collected. However, he refrained from making further comment since it is an ongoing case.

Coach Kirby Smart noted that Etienne had expressed great potential in spring training, as they were preparing him for a main role on the team. Despite Smart’s recognition of Etienne’s talent, he admitted to struggling to encourage his team to prioritize safe driving habits. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that in 2023, members of the Bulldogs’ football program were involved in over a dozen traffic stops due to excessive speeding, including three cases of drunk driving.

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