DUI arrest: Man held for reckless driving, evading police

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – A man was apprehended for driving dangerously under the influence and disregarding law enforcement.

Derek Stacy, 38, was taken into custody by Alachua County law enforcement on Saturday morning for charges that included driving under the influence, possession of drugs, evading law enforcement at high velocities, fleeing a crash scene and operating a vehicle with a revoked driver’s license.

Law enforcement officers noticed Stacy, who was driving a vehicle without front or rear lights around the 3500 Williston area at approximately 2 a.m., before he proceeded north on State Road 93 at speeds reaching 120 miles per hour.

Even as law enforcement engaged their overhead emergency lights, Stacy continued driving at high velocity. He took an exit onto Newberry Road, risking numerous vehicles and violating a red light.

According to officers, Stacy crashed his vehicle into a guard rail, causing it to stop functioning. He then deserted his vehicle and tried to escape on foot, dropping approximately 25 grams of the drug MDPV as he fled.

With the assistance of a K-9 unit, law enforcement was able to apprehend Stacy. After a thorough search, officers found an additional six grams of MDPV and powdered cocaine in his vehicle. Signs of alcohol influence such as the smell of alcohol, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech were noted in Stacy’s demeanor.

Stacy is currently being held at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office on bail set at $197,500.

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