Drunk Man Assaults Deputy at DUI Panel – NBC Chicago

A 41-year-old man is under felony charges after he is deemed to have appeared drunk and subsequently attacked a Lake County Sheriff’s deputy at a compulsory DUI impact panel. As observed by the Sheriff’s office in Lake County, the individual was at the panel in an unincorporated area of Grayslake on Wednesday night when he dozed off.

A facility’s sergeant sought to rouse him, clarifying that he had to be awake to earn acknowledgment. When communicating with him, the sergeant sensed alcohol on the man’s breath and asked him to evacuate the facility. The man started acting increasingly belligerent and shoved the sergeant, and in the process of being restrained, he opposed arrest and caused abrasions and bruises to the sergeant, according to officials.

Eventually, the man was arrested and charged with aggravated battery of a peace officer, aggravated battery in a public place (both felonies), along with resistance to arrest as per police reports. Immediate additional information was not available.

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