Dickerson Firm: Leaders in DUI & Drug Crime Defense

In the legal sphere, The Dickerson Firm stands out for its dedication and exceptional service. This law firm, led by Jeff Dickerson – a graduate of Mercer University School of Law, is known for its significant contributions to the legal field which is evident from its latest accomplishment – winning the 2023 Best of Georgia Award.

The foundations of the firm were laid by Jeff’s extensive experience as an Assistant District Attorney where he prosecuted an array of criminal cases. His role in the “Narcotics and Organized Crime” litigation team in Houston County has particularly helped him gain proficiency in handling intricate drug crimes.

In 2010, the broad frame of expertise led Jeff to establish The Dickerson Firm, with a prime focus on DUI and VGCSA (Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act) cases. This specialization not only distinguished the firm but also enriched its knowledge and experience, ultimately benefiting their clients.

The Dickerson Firm stands out for its unique blend of inventiveness and empathy. They understand the distinctness of every case and accordingly frame their defense strategies. Another aspect of their work method is to employ the latest technology and explore alternate sentencing options to ensure comprehensive and personalized defense.

In addition to legal strategies, the firm also recognizes the emotional and psychological implications of DUI and drug crime charges. Therefore, they extend their support system and refer the clients to resources for substance abuse whenever required.

Their recent honor as “Best of Georgia 2023” attests their commitment to their clients. This award signifies the trust and faith from the community in The Dickerson Firm, highlighting their hard work, innovative defense strategies and earnest client relations.

Jeff Dickerson puts it clearly – “Prosecutors don’t dismiss or reduce charges just to be friendly. They do so because they recognize a weakness in their case”. This embodies the firm’s approach – detailed, tenacious, and always ready. They understand the law and the people behind every case, allowing them to stand strong for their clients while navigating them through challenging times with respect and dignity.

With their unmatched expertise, The Dickerson Firm continues to serve North Georgia, accurately reflecting the spirit of the Best of Georgia Award.

Visit their website at https://www.thedickersonfirm.com/.

Their offices can be found at the following locations:

East Cobb Law Office
1229 Johnson Ferry Road, STE 204 (A),
Mariette, GA 30068,
Contact: 678-444-4280

Canton Law Office
150 North Street, STE F,
Canton, GA 30114,
Contact: 678-444-4280

Kennesaw Law Office
125 Townpark Drive, STE 300,
Kennesaw, GA 30144,
Contact: 678-444-4280,

Hiawassee Law Office
3259 Dogwood Lane, STE B,
Hiawassee, GA 30546,
Contact: 678-444-4280.

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