Deputy in Hidalgo County Charged with DWI After Crashing into McAllen Officer

Joshua C. Kaltenbach, an off-duty deputy from Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, was recently detained following a traffic accident in which he seemed impaired. The collision took place on North 23rd Street at around 9:25 pm with McAllen police officer, Sgt. Maria Dolores, who reported it as a minor accident, alleging Kaltenbach to be inebriated when his vehicle hit Dolores’ stationary car at a red light. Following this, another officer from the McAllen Police Department corresponded with Kaltenbach who displayed signs of intoxication. Kaltenbach offered no clarity on the incident and insisted he was heading to the nearby Dairy Queen. Upon failing two sobriety tests and refusing to give a breath or blood sample, he was charged with drunk driving. As a result of the incident, the Sheriff’s Office has suspended Kaltenbach without remuneration while they conduct an investigation. He was later released from jail after posting a $2,000 bond.

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