Deputy Arrested for DWI at Checkpoint

A Bernalillo County deputy was apprehiliated by the New Mexico State Police at a DWI checkpoint in Albuquerque overnight. The event occurred around 12:40 a.m. when a blue pickup approached the checkpoint and the officer conversing with the driver noticed signs of intoxication. Upon the officer’s request, the driver exited the vehicle, displaying slurred speech and performing poorly on sobriety tests. The driver, identified as Deputy First Class Adrienne Seay, declined to take a breathalyzer test and was subsequently arrested.

Seay, who works for the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), is currently accused of aggravated DWI. The incident has sparked concern within the department, as expressed by BCSO Sheriff John Allen. He stated that this incident contradicts the high standards of BCSO and is a betrayal of public trust since officials are expected to uphold the law and ensure community safety.

Sheriff Allen acknowledged New Mexico’s alarming DWI statistics and highlighted the importance of police officers leading by example in battling this preventable crime. He revealed that Seay has been put on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. He expressed his apologies to the community and commended the New Mexico State Police for their professionalism. Sheriff Allen reassured the public of BCSO’s commitment to fight DWI issues and maintain their law enforcement duties impartially.

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