DA Discusses Dismissed DWI Cases and APD Officer Investigation

District Attorney Sam Bregman visited KOB 4’s studio on Wednesday to discuss the Brady list, the federal probe into APD DWI officers, and potential future outcomes of the officers’ cases.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the federal investigation involves some of APD’s DWI officers and a local lawyer. According to KOB 4, the officers who have been recently reassigned or have gone on leave are now listed on the Giglio or Brady list of the Bernalillo County district attorney. This list includes law enforcement officials who have raised doubts about their reliability as witnesses.

The reasons for including these officers on the list are yet to be disclosed by the district attorney’s office. The U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed that the recent raids and suspension of the officers are related to the dismissal of 156 DWI cases by the district attorney’s office. APD Chief Harold Medina confirmed that all the officers were members of the DWI division.

While investigations continue, Medina hinted that the officers could face further penalties. If further evidence suggests greater involvement, it could lead to extended suspensions or even dismissals, Medina told KOB 4.

Bregman took to the KOB 4 studio on Wednesday to further discuss the Brady list, the ongoing federal investigation, and the possible future of the officers’ cases. For the full conversation with District Attorney Sam Bregman, viewers can click on the posted video.

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