Courtney Fritz Pandolfi Sentenced for Fatal DUI Crash in OC

In Santa Ana, California, 44-year-old Courtney Fritz Pandolfi, who confessed to driving under the influence, resulting in the fatal crash with 23-year-old Yesenia Lisette Aguilar in August 2020, received a life sentence with a minimum of 15 years in prison. During her sentencing, Pandolfi expressed profound regret for the incident and acknowledged the lives she’d forever impacted through her actions.

The judge, while pronouncing the sentence, mentioned how driving under the influence is repeatedly highlighted as life-threatening in court hearing, and despite Pandolfi being informed of this numerous times before, she did not heed the advice.

Aguilar, who was 35 weeks pregnant at the time and worked at Disneyland, was struck by a white SUV while walking with her husband near the intersection of Katella Avenue and Bayless Street, according to Anaheim police. Though her husband, Alvarez, narrowly escaped the vehicle, Aguilar was hit leading to an emergency C-section for the unborn child.

Pandolfi confessed in February to second-degree murder, along with other charges, including a felony count of driving under influence causing injury, misdemeanor counts of driving on a suspended or revoked license due to DUI, and possession of drug paraphernalia. While in custody, Pandolfi also admitted to drug charges. After serving at least 15 years, she will be eligible for parole.

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