Councilman Whyte Hires Lawyer for DWI Case

During a city council meeting on Thursday, September 14, 2023, in San Antonio, District 10 Councilmember Marc Whyte expressed his disapproval of the Reproductive Justice Fund and proposed a restriction amendment to the fund. However, the subsequent day, legal charges were pressed against him for drunk driving.
His legal representative for the charges will be David Christian who had previously represented Whyte’s predecessor, Councilman Clayton Perry, in a similar situation involving drunk driving and hit-and-run. Perry concluded his case through a plea agreement in April where he was mandated to one-year probation, a fine, and community service.

Whyte, aged 43, was arrested on Friday night, after a patrolling officer noticed him driving erratically. When questioned by the officer, Whyte confessed to consuming three beers that night. Despite his arrest, Whyte insisted that he has never driven when feeling drunk and expressed regret for his actions.

Whyte, who won over the District 10 seat following Perry’s three terms and charges, emphasized the importance of not driving even after just one drink. In spite of the controversy, a number of former District 10 councilors have rallied behind Whyte.

Also outlined in the report was Perry’s questionable intoxication on the night of November 6, 2022. A police affidavit detailed Perry’s consumption of 14 alcoholic beverages and his subsequent decision to drive his vehicle, resulting in a head-on collision with a stationary car.

Perry’s attorney, Christian, stated in early 2023 that his client did not consume more than a dozen drinks that night, suggesting the drinks Perry purchased were shared with others. Perry, unfortunately, fled the scene after the incident and was arrested later at his home in a confused state. Both charges against him, drunk driving and hit and run, warranted a penalty of six months in jail along with a $2000 fine.

In contrast, on Friday night, Whyte was stopped by an officer for driving 15 miles over the speed limit, a strong alcoholic odor, and swaying while standing after stopping the car, implying intoxication. He was arrested and is facing a misdemeanor charge for a first offense DWI.

Whyte refused to undergo a breathalyzer test; thus, it necessitated a court order which led to a blood test performed at 1:30 a.m. the following day. The results of his blood test are pending with the lab for analysis at the Texas Department of Public Safety. After his arrest, Whyte was able to secure his release from Bexar County Jail post bail payment of $2000.

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