Cost Comparison: Multiple Uber Rides vs One DWI

The joy of the holiday season is overshadowed when festive music is replaced by ear-piercing sirens, and the twinkling lights are those atop police cars. A local DWI attorney suggests making a strategy to conclude your celebration safely, excluding the need for driving.

During the holiday season, the spirit of joy often fades when the melodies of joy transition to the blaring sound of sirens and the glittery lights come from police cars. Good folks sometimes find themselves having overindulged in the festivities. As a DWI lawyer, my annual counsel is, “Consider the costs of numerous Uber rides against a possible DWI charge.”

Driving under the influence is not only a year-round issue but also one not restricted to any particular walks of life. Many drivers under the influence aren’t aware they are impaired or don’t decide rationally about that behavior.

DWI occurrence could increase during holidays as people who rarely drink may indulge, and frequent drinkers consume more. In 2022, alcohol sales in the U.S. exceeded $12 billion during the Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day period.

Unfortunately, the risk of overindulgence has spiked due to the increase in alcohol “to-go” sales and the wide availability of cannabis products that can compound the effects of alcohol, resulting in a whole new type of impaired driving.

However, good news is that transportation technologies such as Uber or Lyft have made it easier than ever to avoid drunken driving. Despite this, often these services are underutilized. It is crucial to plan ahead and arrange alternate means of transport before beginning your revelries.

The cost comparison of a DWI against multiple Uber rides paints a clear picture. Assumedly, if an Uber ride costs $30 and a DWI averages at over $17,000 according to the Texas Department of Transportation, this equates to 566 Uber rides, much more cost-effective and safer than accruing legal fees, court costs and increased insurance costs.

Direct costs aside, DWIs can ruin careers, relationships, and even lead to injuries and fatalities. It’s not worth the risk.

Adopt these precautions before participating in festivities:

– Form and commit to a detailed plan for leaving the party without driving
– Schedule a ride in advance and set a reminder in your phone
– Speak about your intentions to others to resist last-minute peer pressure and to strengthen your resolution
– Recollect that while sober is the best time to make this plan in order to continue your holiday celebrations safely and without remorse.

– Joseph Hoelscher, a partner at HGC Law Firm PLLC in San Antonio, emphasizes these points. An authority in the field, he is the author of the annually revised textbook “Texas Drunk Driving Law” for Texas legal practitioners.

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