Central Pennsylvania DUI Checkpoints Scheduled

(WTAJ) – In a bid to curb drunk driving in Pennsylvania, the DUI task force will be organizing several events throughout the week.

These activities encompass sobriety checkpoints, roving patrols, and cops in shops operations, which sometimes involve undercover operations at beer retail outlets in Pennsylvania.

Sobriety checkpoints are manned by uniformed officers and prominently illuminated. Uniformed officers also carry out roving patrols in clearly marked police vehicles. The task force urges all drivers to remain vigilant around the vicinity of emergency personnel and vehicles, reminding them of Pennsylvania’s “Move Over” law.

“Cops in Shops” operations involve law enforcement officers in either uniform or casual clothes. They may act as employees or customers at six-pack stores and distributors, aiming to prevent liquor law breaches.

These events are set to unfold this week in Blair County.

A reminder from the DUI task force to the public includes urging them not to drink and drive, be aware if prescription medication could impair their driving, always wear their seatbelts, allow sufficient time for driving to avoid being rushed, and practice defensive driving. They emphasize that impaired driving is entirely preventable.

The overall objective of the DUI Task Force is to bring down the rate of alcohol-related accidents, injuries, and fatalities in Blair County.

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