Beverly Hills Officially Charges Tiffany Haddish with DUI

Tiffany Haddish, the actress, was charged with a DUI after getting arrested over Thanksgiving. TMZ reported that following a review, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office decided to charge her for driving under the influence. It was said that Haddish dozed off in the middle of the road while her car engine was running during the early hours of Black Friday.

She brought up the incident later that day during a scheduled performance at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach. While she didn’t directly admit to the charge, she joked about her request for a gainfully employed man being answered. Haddish also told ET that she fully intended to seek professional help, promising that such an incident would never occur again.

Notably, Haddish had a prior DUI in January 2022 where she was also caught sleeping in her car. She light-heartedly talked about it on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where she humorously recalled her prayer for a good man being answered in an unexpected manner.

Additionally, Haddish had previously been accused of grooming and sexually exploiting minors in comedy skits, which were interpreted as suggestive by some. However, the actress maintained that the skits were meant to be comedic and she regretted if they were perceived otherwise. The lawsuit was eventually dropped by the accuser, who expressed their long-standing relationship with Haddish and affirmed their belief in her goodwill.

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