Arlington Man with Previous DWI Conviction Allegedly Strikes and Kills Pedestrian with Vehicle

A man from Arlington with a prior conviction for driving under the influence in 2020 is now being implicated in a horrifying drunk driving accident that occurred in Dallas over the weekend. The man, named Nestor Joel Lujan Flores, allegedly hit a pedestrian, causing severe dismemberment, and then drove with part of the victim’s body in his car for about 40 miles to White Settlement city.

It was reported that when officers conducted a welfare check at a Jack in the Box restaurant on I-30, Flores told them he had collided with a deer in Dallas. The mangled car wasn’t noticed until hours later when a customer at the restaurant called 911, expressing concern about a man who appeared to have been in a car wreck.

Upon arrival, the police discovered a portion of a man’s body inside the heavily damaged Kia Forte, which was driven by Flores. According to police reports, Flores appeared extremely intoxicated. A tragic discovery was later made by Dallas County Sheriff’s deputies at a potential crash site along the I-30 service road where they found human remains. It was determined that the scene of the accident and the presence of the car at White Settlement were related incidents.

The victim appeared to be a homeless person aged 45. This was deduced after finding his ID card and some loose change in Flores’ car. Investigators are now trying to establish the route Flores took and his driving speed during the accident.

Law enforcement officials are using this gruesome incident to highlight the catastrophic dangers of drunk driving. A press conference was called to reinforce the commitment from different agencies to tackle drunk driving and bring offenders to justice.

Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn emphasized that the incident was entirely preventable and called out the drunk drivers. The county had logged nearly 300 DWI arrests in 2023.

The importance of not driving under the influence, especially during the holiday season, was reiterated at the press conference. It was revealed that about 70% of drunk drivers reoffend, and in the case of Flores, he had a drunk driving conviction from 2021.

The charges Flores will face in Dallas County are not as of yet determined. But according to the District Attorney, a charge of intoxication manslaughter is without a doubt on the cards.

White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook expressed his disbelief and frustration over how Flores managed to drive from Dallas to White Settlement undetected. He added that it was shocking that no one called 911 after seeing Flores, who was visibly injured, enter the Jack in the Box restaurant to charge his phone. Although it’s unlikely that the victim could have survived, Cook emphasized that at least attempts could have been made.

Cook assured that the police will push hard to serve justice for the victim. The car Flores was driving was reported to be leaking fluids, which might be why he stopped at the restaurant parking lot. Flores declined to comment further on the incident and had sought legal representation.

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