Arlington Heights Police Report: DUI, Burglary, Theft, Battery

Several locals from Arlington Heights were taken into custody by the local police recently on various criminal allegations.

As a noted reminder, the community should understand that the presence of charges does not necessarily imply guilt, and defendants are seen as innocent until proven guilty by law.


On December 19, Lindsay R. Brei was taken into custody based on an existing in-state warrant for bail bond violation. Rebecca N. Codrean was arrested on December 17 with an accusation for DUI and having a blood alcohol concentration over .08. She was released on bond and scheduled to appear in court on January 25.

Teresa Kiraga Halon, on December 20, was arrested and charged with battery. She has been released and will face the court on January 25.

Joel D. Kondic was taken into custody on charges of burglary and property damage on December 18. He was granted bail and will be in court on January 8.

Yoojin Lee was arrested for DUI on December 16. He is set to appear in court on January 25.

Victor Olaguez was arrested and charged with DUI and blood alcohol concentration level over .08 on December 19. He is scheduled for a court hearing on January 25.

Monique L. Pruitt was arrested on December 15 and charged with three counts of theft and fraudulently obtained merchandise valued between $500 and $10,000.

Alexander J. Strobel was arrested on December 17 and was accused of DUI. He was released and scheduled to return to court on January 25.

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