Arizona DUI Arrests Decrease During December Holidays

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported a decrease in DUI arrests in Arizona during the December holidays in 2023 compared to 2022. During December, 1,550 DUI arrests were made, down from 1,736 in the same month in 2022. Additionally, there was a drop in extreme DUI arrests, defined as those with a blood alcohol content of over .15, from 378 to 310 year on year. The average BAC of those arrested was .156. There was also a decrease in DUI drug arrests, with 397 people arrested in 2023, down from 480 in 2022. However, police made 37,400 stops in December 2023, slightly up from 35,658 in 2022. Almost 9,700 officers across the state took part in the enforcement.

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