APD Addresses Federal Investigation into DWI Unit Officers

The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) is initiating its own internal investigation in the light of a federal investigation into potential misconduct allegations against officers employed currently or previously in the DWI Unit. The APD has informed five officers that they are subjects of this investigation. Of these, four are already on administrative leave and one has been assigned administrative duties.

The APD’s investigation was first initiated by Chief Harold Medina over a year ago, responding to allegations relating to the management of DWI cases by unidentified officers. In the autumn, additional, similar allegations concerning officer misconduct and others within the criminal justice system were made known to Chief Medina, who proactively informed the FBI and shared details about the current APD investigation.

As the federal investigation became public knowledge last week, five active-duty officers were put on administrative leave. One of these officers has been serving in the DWI unit since as early as 2011.

Chief Medina stated that the case influences public trust in the criminal justice system, and emphasized that he took immediate action upon learning about allegations of misconduct. APD investigators are reportedly aiding the FBI, and APD leadership fully trusts the FBI and U.S. Attorney to conclude this investigation and hold any individuals responsible accountable.

The APD also received support from Mayor Keller’s office, which released a statement implying the dismissal of any officers involved. Mayor Keller stated that if found true, the actions of these individuals are disgraceful and shatter public confidence in law enforcement.

It must be clarified that none of the officers have formally been accused or charged at this stage of the investigation. Although the names of the officers involved have been discovered through independent inquiries, they will not be publicly revealed until any charges are officially announced by the US Attorney or other authorized officials.

Chief Medina has notably been available for individual interviews with channels 4 and 13, seemingly excluding us and channel 7.

We will continue to monitor and report updates on this investigation and its developments.

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