Analyzing 159 Dismissed DWI Cases in Bernalillo County

Our investigative team, Target 7, has unearthed that 159 DWI cases have been axed by the Bernalillo County D.A. in relation to an FBI inquiry since last Thursday. Dismissing this number of cases feels like a blow to the stomach, according to Sam Bregman, the Bernalillo County D.A. Our team discovered that all the dropped cases are linked to five specific APD DWI officers. This development involves a select group of officers, remarked Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller.

Target 7 revealed that 14% of those who got their charges dismissed had a history of DWIs. Linda Atkinson, from the DWI Resource Center, suggested that such behavior continues if not penalized. Atkinson, who has been tracking drunk driving cases for several years, voiced her concern over the impunity for these habitual offenders. The pattern of DWI offenders was correlated with an increase in fatalities and injuries, she stated.

Target 7’s data analysis revealed that 27% of the jettisoned cases involved individuals accused of severe DWI, indicating higher blood alcohol levels. Atkinson pointed out the greater danger that comes with higher blood alcohol content. A 2023 study by the US Department of Transportation suggested that in New Mexico, a high BAC caused 23% of all fatal accidents.

Atkinson expressed dismay over the dismissal of such serious cases because it poses a grave threat to community safety. APD has indicated that five of their officers have been informed they are subjects of the investigation. Currently, four officers are on administrative leave while one is on administrative assignment. For more updates, download our app for free.

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