Albuquerque Man Swaps Seats with Teen during DWI Stop

Video footage has captured when a man from New Mexico allegedly switched places with a teenager during a DWI traffic stop in November. On November 4, a New Mexico State Police Officer noticed a vehicle speeding and zigzagging down Coors in Albuquerque. When the car pulled over close to Coors and Central, Michael Tenorio, 24, is alleged to have switched places with a 15-year-old passenger during the stop. Officers claimed to detect the presence of alcohol on Tenorio’s breath and he was subsequently arrested for several offences including aggravated DWI and child abuse. Tenorio, who has three prior DWI convictions and an interlock device installed in his car, allegedly forced the teenager to use the device to start the car, as per the complaint. Tenorio is currently out of jail as he awaits trial.

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