6 Temecula Locals Detained for DUI Charges

A spokesperson from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department reported the arrest of six Temecula inhabitants who, having earlier being found guilty of driving under the influence (DUI), did not present themselves in court. These arrests were made as the part of a warrant service operation launched by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. This operation was targeted at those under probation for DUI who have either failed to attend court proceedings or did not fulfill the terms of their probation.

The motive behind keeping a watch on these probationers stems from the desire to prevent repeat offenses, Deputy Frank Opice explained. It’s crucial for them to get proper support and instruction, he stressed. The arrests were carried out near Black Maple Drive, Rustic Glenn Drive, and Strigel Court. Following each arrest, new court dates were scheduled, and the probationers were let go on a $5,000 bond each, as per the jail records.

The responsibility of monitoring the treatment routines of these probationers, along with their involvement in DUI prevention programs, is held by the probation supervision program. This is done through scheduled office appointments as well as unplanned visits.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office further added a public reminder that alcohol isn’t the sole substance leading to impairment. Other substances such as marijuana, prescription drugs, and off-the-counter medications can also jeopardize safe driving. The Office encourages everyone to check and understand the probable effects such substances can have.

The operation was funded by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, which was secured via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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