4th DUI Arrest in 10 Years for Stafford County Man

In Stafford County, Virginia, a man was apprehended for drunk driving, marking his fourth arrest for the offense in ten years. The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office stated that a sergeant spotted the driver, identified as 47-year-old Jonathan McCarroll, making an unlawful turn to gain access to I-95, prompting her to pull him over.

Upon being stopped, McCarroll immediately displayed his hands out of the car window, revealing to the sergeant that he was aware he would be detained. He confessed that his license was suspended and he presumed this would be his ticket to jail. During their exchange, the sergeant discovered an opened can of alcohol next to McCarroll coupled with evidence of him being inebriated.

Further investigation revealed that McCarroll’s license had previously been revoked as a result of three earlier DUI convictions. Subsequently, he was hit with charges for his fourth DUI within a decade, a felony for driving with a revoked DUI license, driving post license confiscation, drinking while behind the wheel and the traffic offense resulting from his illegal turn. McCarroll is currently being detained at the Rappahannock Regional Jail without the opportunity for bail.

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