40+ DUI Arrests in Hillsborough County During St. Patrick’s Weekend

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida has declared that it oversaw over 40 arrests related to driving under the influence (DUI) during St. Patrick’s Day weekend. This included 26 people arrested for DUI by the sheriff’s office and an additional 16 arrests by Tampa Police Department.

The sheriff’s office instigated a county-wide initiative termed “Operation Guinness” over the holiday weekend, which resulted in a total of 316 traffic stops and 26 DUI arrests. They further reported that besides the traffic stops and arrests, there were also 28 citations issued, 295 warnings handed out, and six non-DUI-related arrests made.

The increased policing effort was a response to an expected upsurge of drivers on the road, coinciding with both the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and Spring Break. According to Sheriff Chad Chronister, the successful enforcement of law meant that potential dangerous drivers ended up in custody instead of on the streets, thereby averting major incidents.

Moreover, Tampa Police Department performed 155 traffic stops resulting in 36 citations and 133 warnings. An additional 24 arrests were made, including 16 DUI-related.

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