2 Albuquerque Firefighters Arrested for DWI: Videos

Recent video releases document the arrests for drunk driving of two firefighters from Albuquerque Fire Rescue.

The first incident took place on March 13, when police were alerted for a welfare check at Cleveland High School, Rio Rancho. Their target was former Albuquerque firefighter, Angelo Abeyta. Rio Rancho Police, as per a criminal complaint, noticed Abeyta leave from the school. They pursued him and initiated a traffic stop.

Abeyta was filmed during his failed field sobriety test where he displayed symptoms such as slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Although initially refusing to undertake a breathalyzer test, when he finally agreed to it, Abeyta tested double the allowable limit for alcohol, resulting in an aggravated DWI charge.

Shortly afterwards on March 17, Albuquerque Police responded to a call at the junction of Commercial Dr. and Martin Luther King Jr Ave. They reported that a car had driven onto the train tracks to evade a sobriety checkpoint.

Rane Hanni, another Albuquerque Fire Rescue firefighter, was identified as the driver. Following his display of signs of inebriation, the police conducted sobriety tests and Hanni was arrested for aggravated DWI. Hanni is currently serving a deferred sentence and one-year probation having pled guilty to a misdemeanor DWI charge.

KRQE is still in anticipation of the release of the bodycam video regarding the arrest of the third firefighter, Mateo Keyohara. AFR confirms that Hanni and Keyohara’s employment status is on hold pending the conclusion of an internal probe. AFR also confirmed that Abeyta has retired from the department since his charges.

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